Our Mission

Party In-Kindness helps people turn any occasion into a reason to give, making even the smallest act of kindness impactful. We encourage the host to include a giving component to their event by asking guests to bring in-kind and/or monetary donations to support local charities in the East Bay area. No matter the size of the function, we help bring the individual, their private gathering and a charitable purpose together.


Giving with Kindness

"Our family has partnered with Party In-Kindness for the last 3 years and we have found the experience to be tremendously worthwhile and inspiring. We have always wanted to expose our children to philanthropy at a young age and this is the perfect organization to partner with. Shani and Melissa make it easy and seamless! With children, it is not enough to talk about "doing good" but instead showing and getting them actively involved with giving back. PIK has been a key part of our philanthropic efforts and we are lucky to have them in our community!"

— Alex Lee, PIK Donor


Our Vision

Party In-Kindness wants to change the way people see giving by making it easy, fun and meaningful for everyone. We have created an easy concept for giving back, paired with a simple way to collect donations. Through hosting everyday events, such as book club meetings, birthday parties, holiday celebrations, and other events, people can give back to a local charitable organizations that are meaningful to them. Party In-Kindness brings the host, the private event, and a charitable purpose together. Instead of a bottle of wine or birthday gift, for example, when hosting a party invite guests to bring in-kind donations for a cause your passionate about. Party In-Kindness wants to turn everyone’s party into a “party in-kindness.”


About Us

Melissa Smith & Shani Hall

Melissa Smith & Shani Hall

It all started when the thought that sometimes our small, everyday actions can make the biggest impact on another human being without even knowing it. Melissa experienced this firsthand when her daughter was undergoing surgery at only six days old. Someone she did not know knit a lavender hat for her daughter and she wore that beautiful hat throughout her recovery. The warmth of knowing a person could have that kind of selfless generosity touched Melissa’s heart forever and she knew one day she would pay it forward somehow.

That day came when two friends unsuspectingly got together for a normal play date; and while their children played, a seed was planted. Shani was inspired by Melissa’s passion for charity.  She always knew that she wanted to be a part of something that could not only have a large impact on her and her children’s life, but the lives of many in need. Thus began their partnership, and as their ideas blossomed, Party In-Kindness was created.


Melissa Smith


I was raised in Rhode Island, attended Boston University, and started a successful sales career in New York City; that was the path that lead me to where I am today. My parents always instilled in my siblings and me a sense of adventure, encouraging us to explore the world outside of our small town, while still appreciating where we’ve been and where we came from. It was with this gumption that I traveled the East Coast, and eventually moved to California with my husband, who was born and raised here in Alamo, and where we have lived since 2008. An East Coast girl at heart, I was struck by the amount of warmth with which this community welcomed me. Through this journey, I have come to feel very fortunate for many reasons, but I haven’t reached my destination yet. I want to enrich the lives of others who are less fortunate; to show my children how to help others; and to give back to the community that has given us all so much.

Shani Hall


So many elements of my family background have made me the person I am today. My mother came to America from Korea at the age of 15, and my father was raised by his mother from Arkansas on very modest means in Chicago. As a single father, my dad raised me to focus on education and always believe I could achieve whatever I set my mind to. Even so, I never forgot how past generations have helped me reach where I am today. At the University of Michigan, I studied Organizational Psychology and Behavior to pursue a career in Human Resources. It was in college that I met and married my husband. Soon after, I decided to continue my education and graduated from The Ohio State University with a Masters in Labor and Human Resources.  After living and working throughout the Midwest, we settled in Alamo, with our two sons.  We immediately felt connected to the area as we planted our roots and now consider California home. I know how truly blessed I am and look forward to connecting and sharing with the local community and giving back in new, exciting ways.

Ann Blackburn

Board Member

Founder/CEO of the Executive Advisory Forum "EAF" a business affinity organization for senior level executives and entrepreneurs. President of Blackburn Advisory Services, a firm that provides business consulting and executive coaching to private and public sector clients. Also, the Co/Founder of 631 Success, LLC., a unique boutique consulting firm of senior level executives that specializes in helping companies gain traction to scale and grow and prepare for exit.  

I served as a Board Member of the National Women's Business Council, “NWBC” a Presidential appointment under Presidents Bush and Obama. I served as a member of the Board of Regents for JFK University, as President of Commercial Real Estate Women San Francisco and as President of the National Network of Commercial Real Estate Women with chapters across the US. I was a delegate for a US State Department sponsored Middle Eastern/US Businesswomen Ambassador program and continues to host visiting Partners from the Middle East and China delegations. The founder and Chapter Chair of two Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) chapters in the Bay Area and affiliated with for 16 years. I have been a frequent speaker at conferences about leadership, economic development, entrepreneurship, mentoring, strategic planning and general business management. I currently serve on the Advisory Board for Samepage, Inc; a Mentor for the Bishop Ranch Intelligence Innovation Accelerator Program; and on the Executive Committee for ProVisors, SR2.

I earned a Doctorate from the University of San Francisco in Organizational Leadership, a MA from Cal State University San Francisco and a BA from Cal State University Sacramento, where I obtained a teaching credential. Also a Professor Emeritus at the Chapman University graduate program for Organizational Leadership. Additional academic accomplishments include the Harvard Leadership Executive Program and studies abroad at Cambridge University in Great Britain. I love to travel, entertain, bike, spend time with family, and with a love of reading, I could absolutely not live without books.

Teyonna Bowman

Board Member

As a child my parents always taught my siblings and I the importance of loving others and giving back to the community that provided for us.  By the time I was a pre-teen I developed a passion for volunteering at our local homeless shelter because it was a chance to get lost in crafting while also being humbled by the love and joy of the children that I spent time with. After graduating from the University of Michigan, I continued to pursue my interest in education and closing the achievement gap regardless of background by becoming a youth mentor.  This proved to be a rewarding experience and when the opportunity to serve as a member of the board of Party In-kindness presented itself I enthusiastically accepted it.  I am a Sales manager by trade but understand the importance of networking and connecting with people of all walks of life regardless of where we are in our lives.  The work that Party In-Kindness has done and the awareness that it is spreading within the community it serves not only reflects this value but is an example of everyday altruism.  I look forward to contributing to the thought leadership that the founders of Party In-Kindness bring and plan to participate in events that expose my children and others to the depth and diversity of our culture.

Sindia Dudum

Board Member

I am truly passionate about giving back! As someone who has overcome her own health trials and hardships, I have experienced firsthand the way in which a community can come together to support and care for someone who truly needs it. This is why I have devoted myself to finding new and innovative ways to make a difference, a goal that Party In-Kindness fulfills to an extraordinary extent. I’ve worked to create aid for mothers without insurance, newborns with rare illnesses, and gather donations for hospitals and schools. I’ve discovered that there are a myriad of ways to help others, and enjoy finding unique ways to do so. As a mother of two young boys and a Bay Area native, I’m deeply involved in the local schools and communities, where I work to continually find ways to be of service. When I’m not volunteering I’m passionate about spending time with my family and can be found regularly sporting the local Giant’s orange and black, or spending summers frolicking on the lake in Couer D’Alene Idaho.

Jill Freeman

Board Member

Born and raised in the Bay Area, I attended UC Irvine and received a degree in Psychology. Over the past 13 years I've worked for United Friends of the Children, a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles that provides housing, educational services and support to LA based foster youth, helping them graduate from high school, attend and graduate from college, find stable housing and employment. I'm an active member of the Pleasant Hill community where I live with my husband and three children. When Melissa first told me about her idea for Party In-kindness I was intrigued as it seemed this was an area of giving untapped in our community. She had such an emotional connection to this cause because of her daughter and was committed to helping others the way she had been helped. After seeing Shani and Melissa jump right in to turn this idea immediately into reality I knew it was something special that I wanted to support.  

Alex Shen

Board Member

Born in China and raised in Portland and Southern California, my passion for giving comes from the generosity that was bestowed on me from my Aunt and Uncle who helped my family immigrate to the United States.  I attended both UC Berkeley and UC Irvine and received my BA in Economics and Biology and then moved to New York City where I met my husband.  Over the last 15 years, I have worked in Digital Media Sales focused on Mobile, Video and Programmatic marketing across key brands in Finance, Retail, CPG and Technology. Currently, I work @ Google in the Bay Area and love being part of an organization that puts a key focus on philanthropy. I live in Danville with my husband and two young boys and could be not be more excited to help drive Party In-Kindness' important mission in our community.