Host a “Party In-Kindness”

A Party In-Kindness is a great way to have fun and give back to a charity that is meaningful to you.  
Contact us below: Before you plan your party, we discuss which charity or cause you would like to help. Party In-Kindness assists you in choosing a local charity, which we have worked with or those we have yet to work with. 

We will match you with a charity: We will then contact that charity and find out what their needs are at the time. You will be provided with information on the charity and acceptable donations to communicate with your guests before the party, making it simple and fun for them to give. 

We deliver the donations: Once the party is over and all of the goods are collected, we schedule a time to pick up and deliver the items to the chosen charity. Party In-Kindness currently serves the East Bay Area.

We help with the giving component of your party so that you can have a good time, while also doing good in our community.

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*Party In-Kindness is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. 
100% of all monetary donations are tax deductible. In-kind donations go directly to the host's charity of choice, while 90% of monetary donations collected will be donated to the charity selected, and 10% will be used for the purpose of furthering Party In-Kindness' mission.